The  Massaponax football program has honored a historical unit each season. We do this so that our kids will never
forget the sacrifices made by others and to also bring some awareness to these units and the men and women who
have served with them.  The players will receive lectures on the unit history, as well as wearing decals of the unit on the
back of their helmets.
The links below will take you to information sites detailed on each unit.

442nd Infantry Regiment

2nd Marine Recon Battalion

29th Infantry Division

1st Infantry Division "The Big Red One"

US Navy Seals Team Six

Spotsylvania Sheriffs Department            

2009 US Army Rangers; 75th Ranger Regiment' 3rd Ranger Battalion.

2008  Tuskegee Airmen       

2007 6th Marine Division

2006 761st Tank Battalion

2005- Army Rangers
Historical Units  Honored by the
Massaponax Football Program