Coaching History
Eric Ludden
Head Coach- Offensive Coordinator

1998- Present Massaponax High School: Head Coach

1997-1998 Courtland High School: Head Coach

1990-1997 Jeb Stuart High School: Head Coach

1983-1989 Jeb Stuart High School: Offensive Coordinator
John Shinberger
O-Line and Nose Tackles

2015- Head Freshmen Coach

2002-Present Massaponax High School: Oline/Dline and TE's.

1985- Courtland High School: Junior Varsity Coach

1978-1984- Culpeper High School: Varsity Assistant, Junior Varsity Coach.
Nathan Yates
Defensive Coordinator- Linebacker/QB's

2011- to Present Massaponax High School: Defensive Coordinator

2005-2010-Massaponax High School: Dline and Junior Varsity

2003-2004 Vinton High School (OHIO). Junior Varsity Coach, Varsity Assistant.
Drew Young
Varsity Assistant- RB's/D-line

2008-Present- MHS Assistant Coach- RB's and D-line
2004-2008 Riverbend Head Coach
2002-2004 Eisenhower (Pa) Head Coach
1998-2001 Massaponax High, Defensive Coordinator
Greg Bell
Varsity Assistant

2007-present:  Db's and Receivers

2003-2007 Spotsylvania High School: DB's
Joe Garlik
Varsity Offensive Line

1998-1999  Masaponax
1999-2000 Jeb Stuart
2000-Present  Massaponax
Joe Ferran
Varsity Offensive Line(O-Line & D-Line)

2011-present: Varsity Assistant

2011-15 JV Defensive Coordinator/Varsity Assistant
Byron Allen
Varsity Assistant

2002- MHS Graduate
05-2009- Played DB/LB at VMI
2012-Present- MHS Varsity Assistant:
RB's and DB's Coach
Jeff Drugatz
Varsity Assistant

1999-2004-Chancellor Assistant Football Coach
2005-2011-Massaponax Varsity DB/Receiver Coach
2012- Riverbend Varsity Defensive Coordinator
2013-Charlottesville Varsity Defensive Coordinator

2013-present VR Assistant Oline-DB's
Shane Ludden
JV & Varsity Assistant

2008- MHS Graduate
2008- 2011- Played at Concord University and Ferrum College
2011- Assistant QB coach at Ferrum College

2013-Present  VR Assistant WR/DB
Bernard Trice
Freshman Coach

2006- Present Massaponax High School: Varsity Assistant and Junior Varsity Coach
Keith Larimore
Freshman Coach

2012- Present- Massaponax High School Freshmen and Varsity Assistant
Bob Wright
Team Statistician